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International Ocean & Air Freight

Beyond Borders, Beyond Expectations. Navigate the Globe Confidently

We have solutions to make the ocean, air and customs process easier and less stressful. With personal, real-time information on conditions affecting your shipments that isn't a pain to track down, you'll have weekly detailed status updates on your shipmentsDelivered to your inbox or phone.

Benefit from our network of industry contacts both here and in-country, including customs brokers, and ship lines to keep your shipments moving.
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What if navigating global logistics became your competitive edge?

Imagine a world in which you're freed from the complexities of international shipping - no longer entangled with tracking shipments or deciphering customs paperwork. Think what this will mean to your business as these hours and resources are put toward reallocation to growth and innovation.

No more chasing quotes, no more wondering if you're looking at every step to get your shipment from A to B. With Bailey's Logistics, that becomes clarity. From start to finish, we plan each step of the international journey, just as you need it. Each country brings with it its own maze of shipping regulations, customs fees, taxes, duties and brokerage complexities, but don't worry about it, any more. With our international team, comes years of experience and relationships ready to ensure you don't have to worry about a thing.

International Logistics Designed For Growing Business:

When You Need Global Reach.

Connect to Every Corner of the World with Our Extensive Global Network.

No corner of the world is off-limits. Bailey's Logistics bridges continents and cultures, providing you with seamless access to markets around the globe. Our strong partnerships and alliances across various countries, like Asia and Americas enable us to offer you a wide range of shipping options, local expertise, and efficient handling, no matter the destination. 

When It Has To Be End-to-End.

Tailored Shipping Designed Around Your Unique Business Needs.

We believe in a personalized approach to shipping; each customer has their own unique needs. That's why we take a custom, hands-on approach to choosing every service, start to finish. Our aim is to provide a service that feels like an extension of your own team, ensuring your logistics are handled exactly the way you need them to be.

When It's Mission Critical.

Shipping Handled with Priority and Precision.

Sometimes freight just has to be done right. Delays, Problem at customs, or drayage never arranged just won't cut it. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your time-sensitive and high-priority shipments are in expert hands. Redundancy, strong in-country relationships, and hand-picked providers in each region, all come included

Our Process

Let us transform your international shipping into a seamless, stress-free experience. Our process is meticulously designed to prioritize your specific needs, ensuring every shipment is handled with the utmost attention to detail and efficiency. 


1. Personalized Consultation

Every successful shipment begins with a conversation. At Bailey's Logistics, we prioritize understanding your unique needs right from the start. Our personalized consultation process is swift yet thorough, ensuring we grasp every detail of your requirements.

Whether it's shipping highly fragile items, or providing special crating for sensitive items,  ensuring your shipment stays temperature controlled, or guaranteeing timely delivery (just to name a few), we listen attentively. This initial step is crucial in tailoring our services to what matters most to you, setting the stage for a flawless shipping experience.

2. Customized Service Plan

Our commitment to excellence continues as we meticulously prepare your Customized Service Plan. We combine your specific needs with our expansive industry knowledge to create a comprehensive, end-to-end service blueprint.

By leveraging our network of trusted providers and planning for contingencies, we ensure every aspect of your shipment is covered. From securing competitive quotes to planning each logistics phase, we handle it all, allowing you to relax knowing that your cargo is in capable hands. Our approach means no surprises, just complete, reliable shipping solutions.


3. Ongoing Communication and Transparency

Communication is key to our service philosophy. During your shipment's journey, we keep you informed through our advanced technology, custom reports, or even direct phone updates, based on your preference. Our proactive approach to communication ensures you are always aware of your shipment's status and any potential issues are addressed swiftly.

This commitment to transparency and regular updates is what our customers appreciate most. Easy access to information and our responsive team means you're never in the dark, ensuring a smooth, worry-free shipping process from start to finish.

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"As we have shipped our stone from Italy, you and your team have been invaluable to us and the success of our international projects!"