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Bailey's Holding Company Announces Strategic Rebrand to Unify Logistics Services Under Bailey's Logistics

Explore Bailey's rebrand of all logistics services to Bailey's Logistics, streamlining services to enhance customer experience and drive growth.


[Salt Lake City, UT] — Bailey's Holding Company, a leading provider of comprehensive moving and logistics solutions with a rich history dating back to 1952 in Provo, Utah, today announced a significant rebranding strategy to unify its diverse range of logistics services under the new brand name, Bailey's Logistics. This strategic initiative aims to streamline the customer experience, simplify service offerings, and reflect the company's evolution from a moving company to a full-service Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider.

The rebranding includes the consolidation of services previously offered under different brands, including Legacy Logistics, Bailey's Logistic Services, and Bailey's Moving & Storage's distribution services, into the cohesive Bailey's Logistics brand. This change is designed to enhance the company's ability to accelerate growth in logistics products by clarifying the relationship between its various services and encouraging customers to utilize multiple offerings for their logistics needs. 

"The rebrand to Bailey's Logistics represents a significant milestone in our journey towards providing an integrated, full-service logistics solution to our customers," said Brent Ainsworth, President of Bailey's. "Our new brand identity, drawing inspiration from our history in its color use and its homage to the Legacy Logistics star, symbolizes our connection with our history and our commitment to bringing together diverse logistics capabilities to meet the unique needs of our clients." 

The transition to Bailey's Logistics will be gradual over the next 12 months, ensuring a seamless experience for current customers, partners, and employees. The company will utilize dual branding, showcasing the old and new brands side by side, to ease the transition. All operational aspects, including personnel and service quality, will remain unchanged, maintaining the high level of attention and personal communication that customers have come to expect from Bailey's. 

In the long term, Bailey's Logistics aims to distinguish itself as a logistics partner that provides custom, tailored 3PL services, offering guidance, support, and a true partnership designed to grow with customers. Unlike traditional logistics services that require customers to adapt to rigid operational models, Bailey's Logistics seeks to be flexible and customer-centric. 

Customers and partners can expect to see updates to email addresses, and branding on trucks, buildings, digital assets, and websites as part of the gradual rollout. The company assures all stakeholders that the rebranding effort will not affect the current service levels, personnel, or the personal attention they receive. 

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Bailey's Moving & Storage has been a trusted name in logistics and moving services since its inception in 1952 in Provo, Utah. Starting as a small moving company, Bailey's has grown into a comprehensive logistics service provider, offering a wide range of services including local, interstate, and international moves, office relocations, shipping and freight transportation, distribution services, home deliveries, and comprehensive warehouse services. With the launch of Bailey's Logistics, the company continues its tradition of excellence and innovation in meeting the logistics needs of businesses and individuals alike. 

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